Friday, September 16, 2016

Okay, so I always feel icky posting this kind of thing but here goes . . . Because of Amazon’s algorithms, once a book hits 50 reviews, they begin recommending it to other readers more, which of course helps authors tremendously. THIS ORDINARY LIFE is *this close* to that number, so if you read it and would consider leaving a review on Amazon, it would be so greatly appreciated. A few words go a long way! Even if you didn’t love or even like it – that’s okay! Doesn’t have to be glowing and doesn’t have to be five stars. Just an honest review will help more than you know. (SECOND VERSE isn’t far off from that number, either, if you read that one and are so inclined!). Anyhow, happy Friday, friends, and thanks! Xoxoxo
Click HERE or on the link below to visit the Amazon page.