Monday, November 4, 2013

Epilepsy Awareness Month! (A Cause Near and Dear to Me)

Hey all! November is Epilepsy Awareness Month, a cause that is near and dear to me. Epilepsy is one of the most common major chronic medical conditions, but also one of the ones that is least understood in the medical community, though the epilepsy community is working hard to change that.

As many of you know, my oldest son was diagnosed a few years ago with epilepsy. Though it hasn’t been the easiest time for him, I am happy to report, thanks to his wonderful doctors and a combination of medications, he has been seizure free for two years now, a blessing we are completely grateful for each day we get it and one that we certainly don’t take for granted as we know it can change at any time. Like many dealing with epilepsy, we continue to battle and fight against this silent disease and its stigmas, side effects and the hindrances epilepsy creates for those who suffer with it. But, as many in the epilepsy community say, we continue to live by the mantra: “I have epilepsy, but epilepsy doesn’t have me!”

To raise awareness and money for this very important-to-me cause, I am pledging to donate a portion of my proceeds for every copy of my novel, SECOND VERSE, sold during the month of November. That includes hardcover, paperback and ebook.

A portion of every single book sale will go to The National Epilepsy Foundation and the KARE Foundation. Donations will directly fund epilepsy research, and will also provide various aid for children in the epilepsy community including: granting wishes and providing scholarships for kids with epilepsy to attend safe camps.

Thanks all for reading a tiny bit about our journey with epilepsy. Just you reading this post provides awareness and for that I am so very grateful for your time.

If you haven’t read SECOND VERSE yet, and want to, or if you’re already holiday shopping, and want to buy during November to have a portion of it donated to this cause, feel free to order from your retailer of choice.

Any purchase, from anywhere, counts! Here are just a few places where it is available:

If you want a signed copy, you can contact the folks at WORDS BOOKSTORE. They have some signed copies on hand, but being that it is my local bookstore, I can stop by and personalize or sign copies for anyone who orders through them! If you want a signed copy, or something specific in the personalization, just include instructions in the notes section of your order.
Thanks for reading friends, and learning a little more about this disorder that affects so many people every day.

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