Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hey friends!

Tracy E. Banghart's BY BLOOD came out this week and she's giving away a free copy here, on my blog! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. Easy peasy. Deadline is next Thursday, 2/28. Winner will be chosen at random by Tracey.


For 17-year-old Emma Wong, spending a summer in England shouldbe a dream come true. Gorgeous scenery? Check. Lots of hot guys with accents? Yes, please.

Spending two months with her mom, Dr. Mike (don’tcall him her stepdad), and their pooping, puking infant son? Not what she had in mind. It’s a disaster even her favorite cherry red leather jacket can’t fix (leather and spit-up so do not mix).

Not only does she get put on diaper duty (gag), but there’s also Dr. Mike’s cute research assistant to contend with. The only thing more embarrassing than her trying to plant one on him hours after they meet is knowing he’ll be a witness to her family’s dysfunction all. summer. long.

So when Emma meets a mysterious girl who happens to be a Druid, the summer suddenly promises to be far more intriguing than she expected. Powerful rituals, new friends, an intoxicating sense of freedom...and Simon, the sexy foreign stranger she was hoping for. It’s all a perfect distraction from dirty diapers and awkward family dinners.

Trouble is, intriguing doesn’t often mean simple. And Emma is about to discover just how not simple her life really is.


  1. I would so love to read this book! :)

  2. Sounds very intriguing. Would love to immerse myself in hours of hearing boys w/English accents (even if it's just in my head). YUMMMMMM. :D

    Congrats Tracy on it's release! Best of luck, and I hope you have a ton of success!

  3. I look forward to the debut of your book, Jennifer.

  4. Congrats Tracy! That is some cover too!